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Benefits to Users

Many different industries and sectors benefit from Metronet Zing, the fiber-optic connection offering more

data, more speed and more possibilities. 


Businesses in the St. Joseph County region are benefitting from Metronet for a variety of reasons, including its redundancy, unlimited bandwidth, fast-speed and dependability.



With researchers working on continents around the globe, the University of Notre Dame needs a sophisticated data transmission system to communicate.



Doctors, nurses and technicians all need high-speed, reliable telecommunications so they can have quick access to electronic medical records (EMRs) and clinical trial data.


Property Managers

Multi−tenant buildings that subscribe to Metronet have a high-powered tool for marketing their buildings. Many multi-tenant buildings in downtown South Bend are connected.



Access to the Metronet means government agencies can work faster, have access to more information and provide expanded services, like synchronized traffic signals.


Service Vendors

Metronet allows service vendors to offer customers a wide array low-cost solutions, ranging from disaster recovery to virtualization and cloud computing.