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National Fiber Connectivity

Connectivity from Coast to Coast... and Many Points in Between

Just as a network of railways and highways intersecting the region has traditionally connected South Bend to the nation’s major marketplaces, Metronet’s network of fiber−optic cable links your business to multiple, geographically diverse fiber network routes for high-speed state−of−the−art connectivity throughout the region and from coast to coast.

Metronet’s 19 carriers connect your business to the transcontinental fiber that passes through South Bend, giving you instant access to the up−to−the−minute data your business needs.

Carrier Network: Infinity Fiber; Intercarrier; Paetec; US Signal; Level 3; Merit Networks; Internet 2; National Lambda Rail; I-Light; Century Link; ATT; Verizon; Sprint; KDL; Indiana Fiber Networks; Comcast; Zayo; Cincinnati Bell.

In addition, Metronet’s cost−effective pricing means unlimited bandwidth for instantaneous access − all at prices far lower than what you would pay for similar services in larger metro areas.

And because Metronet is vendor−neutral, you can choose the vendors and services that will best meet your needs, thus enabling your business to best meet your customers’ needs.