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IT Solutions Offered by Service Vendors

Local vendors offer a wide variety of services, from basic internet service to state-of-the-art cloud

computing. Subscribers to Metronet Zing can mix and match services from many companies. What is

your company's ideal solution? 

Cloud Computing

Computing where data, software and processing power are accessed online using different computers or handheld devices.



A data center where multiple customers locate network, server and storage gear and interconnect to a variety of service vendors with a minimum of cost and complexity.


Conferencing Services

Interactive communication services shared among several people at different locations.


Data Transport

To move stored data from one location to another.



Disaster Recovery

Process, policies, and procedures for technology infrastructure recovery following a disaster.


Document Archival and Distribution

Virtually allow any document to be stored, managed and retrieved.


Hosted Applications

Applications for use that reside online rather than on a particular computer or server.


Hosted Voice Services

Telephonic switching function, moved from customer premises to an application service provider (ASP), which then takes responsibility for much of network management.


IP Phone Systems

Online consolidated telephone service, internet access, email and web-hosting.


Lit Fiber Services

Vendors that can light Metronet's dark fiber. Service vendors use equipment to light Metronet's fiber optic cable strands so data can be translated from electronic light signals pulsed via the fiber optic cable.


Network Management

Activities, methods, procedures, and tools pertaining to the operation, administration, maintenance and provisioning of networked systems.


Offsite Data Backup

Sending critical data out of its primary location (off the main site) as part of a disaster recovery and data backup plan. This ensures your data will be safe in the event of a fire, flood or other disaster.


Telecom Consulting

Helping businesses understand and control communications costs while ensuring that organizations are getting the most value from their telecom system.


Video Surveillance

Image capture capabilities that allow video images to be compressed, stored or transmitted over communication networks or digital data links − they can monitor an entire building or an individual office.



Multiple devices logically consolidated in order to be managed from a single console or multiple storage devices accessed the same way regardless of type or location.


Voice Services

Voice-as-data management, using technology to transport voice over networks traditionally used for e-mail. Commonly referred to as VOIP (voice over internet protocol).


Web Hosting

Third party service of hosting a customer's web site on the Internet making it accessible for others to experience. This is a standard service every website requires.


Web Programming and Design

Enhance your virtual front door with third party web site design, including e-commerce, web content, search engine optimization, HTML−email creation, and other services.


Wireless Services

Third party that offers transmission services to users of wireless devices (handheld computers, telephones) through radio frequency (RF) signals rather than through end-to-end wire communication.