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South Bend Tribune and WSBT

For those in the daily newspaper and television business, information transmission is essential. In today’s age of Internet communication where round−the−clock updates, posts, blogs and video clips are standard, the need for print and TV media to continually update data is crucial to survival. That is why the South Bend Tribune and its partner TV station, WSBT, both owned by parent company Schurz Communications, are grateful for the technological advances offered by the Metronet.

As subscribers for the past several years, these businesses are enjoying many technical benefits, as well as cost savings. Charlene Smith, Director of Information Services for the South Bend Tribune leads the company’s IT team which also supports WSBT−TV. Explains Smith, the Metronet fiber is the tool that connects the corporate office building in Mishawaka, home to WSBT−TV, to the newspaper headquarters located in South Bend.

"The reason why we first became interested in the Metronet is that we did not have enough bandwidth to support our work, and we were experiencing issues using the Internet," says Smith. "We researched the different options and their costs and services and realized that the Metronet was the way to go."

Smith reports that she and her colleagues could not be more pleased with their decision. They have yet to experience any service outage, and by purchasing bulk bandwidth they save a significant amount of money. The TV station in particular requires a great deal of bandwidth due to its on−air broadcasting, yet as Metronet subscribers data transmission is no longer a challenge.

"As far as our work at the South Bend Tribune, everything we relay over the Internet is considered "mission critical," and we do a large portion of our business on the Web," says Smith. "This includes transmitting all email, posting stories 24/7, viewing videos, hosting live chats, and blogging − everything requires bandwidth."

The effect on daily operations of both the newspaper and TV station is measurable since they became Metronet subscribers. Prior to then, the South Bend Tribune had to buy devices and software to achieve the connectivity it needed, and it even had to black out certain websites to maintain a certain level of necessary telecommunication.

"For us at the South Bend Tribune, as well as the TV station, it really all boils down to having the available bandwidth that we need," adds Smith. "Working with the Metronet has been wonderful."

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