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Regional Financial Institution

Banks are big number crunchers, which means they have buckets of data to send and receive on a constant basis.

The high speed and dependability of Metronet makes that transmission seamless in real time for one prominent South Bend area bank, but that’s just one of the reasons why leaders there decided to sign on with Metronet.

"The unlimited bandwidth also gives us the ability to run some voice and video over the fiber backbone," says an executive with the bank, who asked not to be identified for competitive reasons.

He says his bank currently uses Metronet to tie together three major offices in the South Bend area that have a lot of back room and sales−type positions.

"So it’s being used at those locations for just retail operations," he says.

"But we also use Metronet as our primary means of communication between those three major facilities now, and it’s worked just great," he says, noting that his bank has been so pleased with Metronet that it plans to use it at more of its facilities in the St. Joe Valley area in the near future.

During the time his company has been a subscriber to Metronet, the banker says it has provided "very high availability and it’s done a great job of serving those three offices to our main processing center. We’ve had more bandwidth and more throughput than what we were doing in the past with frame relay."

"It’s quite dependable and we look forward to expanding our use of Metronet to more of our facilities is further deployed in the region," he says.

He says his bank has used multiprotocol label switching (MPLS) from AT&T as a backup to Metronet in case there should be any time of failure with Metronet.

"But in the time we’ve been with Metronet, that’s never been needed," he says. "We haven’t had any major outages that I can think of. It’s really been quite dependable and we’re quite pleased with that."

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