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Benefits to Property Managers and Landlords

Landlords who subscribe to Metronet have a high−powered tool for marketing their buildings.

With Metronet’s unlimited bandwidth and lightning−fast transmission, property managers can offer increased connectivity, more reliable service and less expensive access to voice−over IP technology to their tenants.

Metronet access also means that high−tech companies in connected buildings can send huge amounts of data to customers and colleagues around the region, nation and globe in the blink of an eye.

According to Jim Peterson, CEO and principal consultant for Kinetic IT Solutions, landlord−provided Metronet service represents a good business model.

"It’s a great opportunity to draw clients into the community," said Peterson, whose firm provides a wide spectrum of information technology solutions including server cloud services, remote virtualization, and dark fiber solutions. "The property manager can purchase the Metronet connection for the entire building, rather than each tenant buying service individually.

Essentially, this solution allows the property manager to pass the savings along to individual tenants. Every tenant in that building has high−speed access to any Internet−based service, and can select only the ones that are needed.

Peterson emphasized the growth potential of the landlord−based Metronet connection model. "It’s a single point where the Metronet can grow locally," he said. "Metronet provides a service to tenants that no other entity in our area can provide."