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Benefits to Healthcare Providers

The practice of medicine may still be considered an art, but every day it is becoming more of a high-tech endeavor.

That means doctors, nurses and technicians all need high-speed, reliable telecommunications so they can have quick access to electronic medical records (EMRs) and clinical trial data. They also need to be able to transmit high-definition images to better serve their patients.

That's why Metronet plays an important role for a growing number of hospitals and clinics around St. Joseph County.

Mike Rupley, information technology director for Michiana Hematology Oncology, PC, in South Bend says Metronet is his medical practice's lifeline to the outside world.

"Our IT department provides a variety of different services, and it's crucial that we have a cost-effective, high speed and reliable connection to our data center," says Rupley.

"The Metronet is substantially less expensive than anything else that can provide that high speed and redundancy in connection," he says.

"Because the Metronet has local roots in the St. Joseph Valley, its interest lies within the regional community. The company has the incentive to provide excellent customer service and it cares about its customers."

Interestingly, when a contractor recently sliced through a Metronet cable outside the Michiana clinic, there was no blackout thanks to the looped system that permitted data transmission to reverse its flow.

Rupley didn't even know about the accident until he was notified by Metronet officials.