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Benefits to Businesses

Businesses all over the St. Joseph County region are benefitting from Metronet for a variety of reasons, including its redundancy, unlimited bandwidth, fast−speed and dependability.

With 26,000 members, over 1.5 million transactions each month and 36 branches as far away as Indianapolis, Teachers Credit Union realized it could benefit greatly from the Metronet as well.

With the Metronet, TCU doesn’t just move enormous amounts of data but is now able to do it in real time, simultaneously at all of their locations. "The Metronet is what connects all our information and keeps it moving smoothly and efficiently," says Rick Rice, President of Teachers Credit Union.

"While that is a significant benefit of the Metronet, another important advantage is the big savings in cost." Rice estimates that Teachers Credit Union saves over $6,000 each month compared to the cost of previous service.

Rice is convinced that this optic fiber, high speed telecommunications network is beneficial not only to the Teachers Credit Union, but to all its subscribers, as well as the future of economic development in St. Joseph County.

"The Metronet will provide us with options for the future that wouldn’t exist if not for its service," he says