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About Metronet Zing

The Metronet is a 50−plus mile, dark, fiber optic network that loops around South Bend and Mishawaka and offers state−of−the−art telecommunications connectivity. End-users have the experience of unlimited bandwidth and unlimited speed. End-users also enjoy a network of vendors that provide a variety of services at competitive prices.

Fiber infrastructure is typically exclusive to one vendor. The Metronet is different. Think of it in the context to a highway network. It’s the difference between one trucking company to ship material versus the option of 20 trucking companies − competition matters.


By supplying last−mile connectivity, the Metronet provides businesses, universities, health care, government and other organizations with:


  • Organizations using the Metronet are achieving speeds of 10 gbps, with potential for even greater speed
  • Circuits are more than 6,000 times faster than T−1
  • One hop and two milliseconds from the national network POP in Chicago (via multiple carriers)


  • Companies can set up facilities whenever and wherever they are most convenient and can easily change or move facilities
  • More potential access to long−haul fiber than any other city in the United States
  • High−end, singlemode fiber meeting high data transmission requirements
  • Over 20 points of presence, connecting to transcontinental fiber and providing high−speed Internet access and data transport to larger cities


  • 24x7 network monitoring and repairs
  • Protection against tampering and accidents
  • Central, secure geographic location, free from geographic disasters and geopolitical concerns
  • Buried underground with municipal utilities/operations
  • Ringed network, so data continue moving even if there’s a break or cut in the cable

Cost savings

  • The Metronet provides virtually unlimited gig service for about $1,000 per month
  • Average competitor’s cost for one−gig service typically runs between $3,000−$5000 per month
  • Flat−rate pricing with no per−mile charges
  • Readily available, low−cost, high−speed connectivity and transmission of limitless amounts of information

National Connectivity

  • High-speed access to regional, statewide and national fiber networks
  • 19 carriers for greater flexibility
  • Cost-effective pricing
  • Puts your business on a level playing field with those in larger metropolitan areas