Our Team


Mary Jan Hedman, Chief Executive Officer
In her eight years as Chief Executive Officer, Mary Jan Hedman has grown St. Joe Valley Metronet from 50 miles to more than 150 miles of dark fiber. Unlimited bandwidth connectivity now is available in Marshall and St. Joseph Counties. Under her direction, Metronet supports innovation and growth for business subscribers while fostering public service initiatives including nCloud and fiber to schools. She continues to work with municipalities, data centers, service vendors, other carriers and subscribers to increase the value of Metronet access.

Susan Strantz, Project Assistant
Susan Strantz is responsible for daily operations including communication with prospects, subscribers, vendors and the leadership team. In her business development support role, she manages the quoting process, contracts and invoicing. Susan plans and coordinates special events and meetings as well as designs and manages the eNewsletters and updates the website. She joined St. Joe Valley Metronet in March 2010.

Ben Hudson, Telecommunications Infrastructure Manager
Ben Hudson monitors Metronet's fiber network and subscriber circuits to ensure uninterrupted service and immediate response to other service issues. Ben is Metronet’s go-to person for new developments in the area and road improvements working with state, county and city officials to protect our fiber assets. In his project management role, he works with contractors installing new fiber and laterals. He joined St. Joe Valley Metronet in July 2013.

Ben Miller, Business Development Manager
Ben Miller manages all aspects of the business development cycle to assist organizations interested in connecting to Metronet’s dark fiber network. He works closely with service vendors, carriers, governmental agencies, schools and businesses finding the solution that best fits their needs. Ben is also involved in efforts where high speed connectivity is critical to a community’s economic development. Prior to joining as an employee, Ben completed market analysis for Metronet on a contract basis. He joined St. Joe Valley Metronet in November 2015.


Tom Cuggino consults with St. Joe Valley Metronet's executive team regarding organizational structure and growth strategy. Tom has also been instrumental in Metronet's initiative for connecting the area's K-12 schools to encourage digital learning and is the chairman of the Connecting Schools Grants Committee.

Steve Mayo assisted in the original feasibility study, developed the initial fiber backbone design and helped with the financial model beginning in 2003. When the project was approved, Steve served as the project manager through completion. Steve currently provides assistance on new construction, backbone relocations, and upgrades. Steve also assists in contract negotiations with other telecommunication service providers.

Chris McMillan has prepared financial statements for St. Joe Valley Metronet for seven years. She works closely with the staff and the CPAs ensuring accurate accounting of all revenue, expenses, capital expenditures, etc. Chris also creates the worksheets for each year's budgeting process.

Lindy Warner provides St. Joe Valley Metronet with human resources consulting services for staffing and other HR issues.  She was instrumental in interviewing candidates for our newest position of Business Development Manager.

Bill Wilson, principal of Two Things, LLC, consults St. Joe Valley Metronet on communications and marketing strategies including advertising, marketing campaigns and video case studies. He manages all media relations and provides content for press releases, the Metronet newsletter, website and annual review.

Martell Electric is a true partner for Metronet providing not only the construction and fiber installation but also insight to the administration, design, ongoing maintenance and repair of the network and customer circuits. Nearly all members of the current Martell Electric team were also involved in the initial network construction in 2005.

Directors (served during 2015)

Kay Antonelli
Penn-Harris Madison School Corp., Assistant Superintendent

Craig Benninghoff
Hoosier Racing Tire, Vice President of Operations

Regina Emberton
Michiana Partnership, President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Ford
City of South Bend, Executive Director, Department of Community Investment

Deb Futa
St. Joseph County Public Library, Director

Eric Horvath
City of South Bend, Executive Director, Department of Public Works

Robert J. King
South Bend Medical Foundation, Vice President

Gary Miller
Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center, Regional Information Services Director

Kenneth B. Prince
City of Mishawaka, Director of Planning

James Schrader
Mishawaka Utilities, General Manager

Michelle Wright
Schurz Communications Inc., Vice President Information Technology

Gary N. Hoipkemier
Schurz Communications Inc., Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer (Retired May 2015)

Donald Napoli
St. Joseph County Public Library, Director (Retired June 2015)


Karl G. King, III, Chair
King Research, President

Paul Marsh, Vice-Chair
Teachers Credit Union, President and CEO

Patrick M. McMahon, President
University of Notre Dame, Technology Commercialization Program Director, Office of the VP for Research

Ron Kraemer, Secretary
University of Notre Dame, Vice President and CIO

Jeffrey P. Costello, Treasurer
Beacon Health System, Vice President & CFO

Mary Jan Hedman
St. Joe Valley Metronet Inc., Chief Executive Officer