A Decade of Successes

St. Joe Valley Metronet celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2015 -- a milestone for the organization itself, which has grown from the initial connection of seven capital contributors to an extensive dark fiber network extending more than 150 miles with more than 200 subscribers in St. Joseph and Marshall counties.

It’s a bigger milestone for the communities and organizations Metronet serves.

Metronet was created to support economic development. In 10 years it has achieved that and more. Metronet has provided the infrastructure for innovation for our universities, K-12 schools, health care providers, businesses, industries, government operations and nonprofit agencies and services. And it has helped create a foundation for dozens of new businesses, the network of providers offering IT support, cloud computing, off-site data backup and storage and other services that depend on fast, reliable and affordable broadband.

Ten years have gone by quickly. In that time, Metronet and its subscribers have discovered benefits from the dark fiber network that couldn’t have been imagined when a dedicated and visionary group began planning the network more than a decade ago.

It’s our first decade and it’s only the beginning. The flexibility of our growing dark fiber network means Metronet will be ready for whatever comes next.