Our Year in 2015

Network Growth

  • Most notable of the network additions were the nearly three miles of fiber added on the east side of Mishawaka. We extended fiber from McKinley and Evergreen Plaza Drive east to Bittersweet and south to Lincolnway. We are now prepared to connect Penn-Harris-Madison Schools, a library, financial institutions, medical facility and numerous retail organizations to the high-speed network. This is a loop connection providing redundancy to all organizations along the path.
  • Fiber was extended along St. Louis Boulevard to Northside Boulevard to connect the new Notre Dame Women’s Varsity Rowing Boathouse. This new fiber provides a path to the former TRANSPO garage and maintenance site which is being redeveloped for housing.
  • A loop in Plymouth was closed along Western Avenue to North Street looping back to Michigan Street. This extension provides critical redundancy for organizations along Western Avenue and North Street.
  • Other fiber extensions include stretches along Kenmore Street in South Bend and Park Place in Mishawaka.

Metronet Growth

  • Metronet is bigger than ever, with more than 150 miles of fiber connecting subscribers in two counties. To better serve our communities, we added Ben Miller to our staff as Business Development Manager. Ben is a successful entrepreneur with an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. He is enabling current subscribers to make the best use of their Metronet connections while helping new businesses and organizations discover how Metronet fiber and its network of service providers can benefit their operations.
  • Metronet’s unique strength is its network of service providers that support subscribers with a range of services including IT, cloud computing and offsite data storage and backup. Our network of service providers continues to grow, giving subscribers more choices than ever in 2015.
  • A little more than a year into Marshall County, Metronet is seeing growing use by medical providers including St. Joseph Regional Medical Center, the MRI Center, Center for Hospice Care and Michiana Hematology Oncology in Plymouth. Marshall County industries and businesses also added to the subscriber base.
  • Visitors to Plymouth’s annual Blueberry Festival enjoyed better cell phone service because a provider was able to use Metronet’s new fiber to support a temporary tower during the festival.
  • A new circuit connecting WNIT Channel 34’s studios in downtown South Bend and the campus of the University of Notre Dame allows the public television station to broadcast arts and cultural events from campus.
  • The network extension east of Mishawaka supports Metronet’s mission of bringing technology to education by offering connectivity to several Penn Harris Madison schools along Bittersweet Road, as well as the Bittersweet branch of the Mishawka-Penn-Harris library. The extension also improves network redundancy and brings the fiber within reach of new business and industrial areas on the eastern edge of Mishawaka.


Highlights of Client Growth

  • More Connections:
    • Size of subscriber base grew by 14 percent
    • 208 subscribers
    • 161 circuits
    • 236 drops
  • 24 new organizations connected
  • 11 new connections made with shared circuits
  • Health care is increasingly information intensive and providers in St. Joseph and Marshall Counties rely more and more on Metronet Zing fiber to make sure essential patient information is shared quickly and reliably among providers and facilities. Marshall County residents benefitted as The MRI Center and Michiana Hematology and Oncology added Metronet connections to link Plymouth facilities with those in South Bend and Mishawaka, and the Center for Hospice in Plymouth connected to Metronet.
  • Metronet's mission of supporting education grew in 2015. Two charter schools, the Success Academy of South Bend, which serves kindergarten through sixth grades, and the Career Academy of South Bend, which serves middle and high school students, began using Metronet to support their innovative educational missions. The Excel Center, an adult education program operated by Goodwill LEADS Inc., also added a Metronet connection.
  • Michiana's public television station, WNIT Channel 34, began using Metronet fiber for a direct connection to the University of Notre Dame. WNIT is using the high speed, high capacity fiber to transmit live broadcasts of arts, cultural and educational events from the university campus to its studio facilities in downtown South Bend.
  • The University of Notre Dame added a direct connection between the campus and its new Varsity Women's Rowing Boathouse near Howard Park. The $4.5 million boathouse has facilities for the women's team, the men's rowing club, training rooms, offices for coaches and space for multipurpose use, all overlooking the St. Joseph River just east of downtown South Bend.